Poster_DeathRateBishop Hagiya has challenged each of us to make Imagine No Malaria part of our advent celebrations this year. Malaria has a disproportionate affect on the most vulnerable members of society in sub-Saharan Africa. Jesus made a point of being vulnerable: he came into this world as a helpless infant. And because he survived childhood, our world was changed forever. This year, we celebrate his birth by reaching out and protecting pregnant mothers and children in Africa. God is entering the world through them. And we are saying, “welcome!”

Our Advent resources are designed so that you can pick and choose what works best for your church. We have printable posters (like the one on the right), graphics for social media, worship elements, sermon starts, powerpoint backgrounds, and two great videos to share in worship or online:

You can also find all of the resources listed above in this widget from our file sharing service. Drag the cloud below into its spot to view the files. Click each file to open it, and then double-click each document that you want to download.

In addition, you can help to get the word out using these templates:

Sample Letter from Pastor: This template makes it easy to get your whole congregation onboard by sending a personal appeal from the pastor.

December Newsletter Sample: The more people hear about Imagine No Malaria during the month of December, the better. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel– just insert the specifics of your church’s campaign and print this short article in your December church newsletter.

You church may also choose to hold an AlternativeGiftFair: this collection of cards can be printed, cut, and sold during fellowship hour throughout Advent. This .zip file contains a whole collection of files. In order to access them, click the link to download this .zip file and then double-click it to expand. It will become a folder full of discreet files that you can open and print. 

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