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It’s going to take many gifts, large and small, to meet our million-dollar fundraising goal. That’s why we’re asking churches to set goals for their participation in the campaign. Church goals aren’t binding contracts (no one will come after you if you don’t meet your goal). Instead, they are hopes and dreams about how many lives each of our local congregations can save. What about your church? Have you set a goal yet?

We have many resources available to help you set and track your church goal. Click on the name of the pdf/document (in orange) to download it onto your computer:

Engagement Guide GNW: Is your church interested in getting involved? You’re going to need this! Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents:

Engage Table

Church Goal GNW: One of the first steps of getting engaged in INM is setting a goal for your church (either per attendee or by number of lives saved, and over what time). This form is a good way to identify the amount and timeline for your church goal. Once signed, you can send your church affirmation in to our Field Coordinator so she can provide resources.

INM Pledge Form 2014 GNW (doc): Communicate to us how you would like to support INM- through prayers, presence, gifts, service and/or witness so that we can include you in our plans! This form is for individuals (and it is recommended that your church leaves a few copies of this on your display table). You can also download it as a PDF instead of a word document: INM Pledge Form 2014 GNW (pdf)

Ideas for your Church So you’ve set your goal and informed your congregation on INM. What’s next? Here is  a list of annual event ideas, more than a dozen other ideas of what your church could do with INM (including, possibly, reaching out to your local community), and a reminder of the 5 steps.

Activity Ideas and How To Here is a list of activities! Get engaged in INM and your community through food, the outdoors, music, sports and more. Each activity has an example of what another church has done. This pdf also includes specifics on how to do the Sleep Out, display, movie night, worship, and how to make those pipe cleaner mosquitoes(they help attract attention).

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You can also download these resources using the widget below. Drag the cloud icon into its place (so that the computer will know you’re not a robot) and then double-click the document icons to download. 


Next Up: Other Resources. Note: Most of these pages are still being updated to include descriptions of contents, but please feel free to take a look at the contents yourself in the meantime…

Flyers and Handouts. What is malaria? What does INM do and how? This is your first stop to get information.

Event Planning. The ReThink Guide to Event Planning (everything you need), event announcements, and a race planning guide.

Pancake Feast! A one stop for getting involved along with your other churches early in the fall. Get started now.

Study Guides. Instructions and assistance for youth sessions and Killer in the Dark movie sessions.

Veteran’s Day 2014. Early this November, find out that malaria has hit a lot closer to home than you might have known- and share.

In Spanish.

For Treasurers. Have you been given the important job of being your church’s INM treasurer? Here’s the ‘Record of Contribution’ paperwork and guide that will help you keep track of everything.

Presentation and Sermon Resources. After you’ve put up a couple posters, display, and handouts, get people’s attention with these ready to go speeches. Informative and inspirational, you’ll soon have more people helping you with INM.

For Organizers.


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