Flyers and Handouts

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Be informed! What is INM doing?

Overview GNW copy: An overview of what malaria does and what INM does (our effective 4 part strategy) to end it.

Year End Letter Infographic: A colorful infographic of our success so far.

2014 Snapshot of Activity. A colorful infographic of where funds go, and into what resources (where does your donation go?), and includes our popular success story about Muriel.

Muriel – Sierra Leone copy: The success story as to how Imagine No Malaria saved and changed Muriel’s life.

Ideas for your Church Want to get involved? Here is our five step plan,  a list of annual event ideas, and more than a dozen other ideas of what your church could do with INM (including, possibly, reaching out to your local community).

INM Pledge Form 2014 GNW (doc): Communicate to us how you would like to support INM- through prayers, presence, gifts, service and/or witness so that we can include you in our plans! This form is for individuals (and it is recommended that your church leaves a few copies of this on your display table). You can also download it as a PDF instead of a word document: INM Pledge Form 2014 GNW (pdf)


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