During Lent, we have the opportunity to give up a gift, take up a cause, and lift up a life through Imagine No Malaria! We are called to put our faith into action by giving out of the abundance that God has blessed us with. These downloadable resources make it easy for your church to make Imagine No Malaria part of its Lenten season. Use the roadmap below to find out what’s available and when to use it. Scroll down to choose which files you need, or just download the entire toolkit (54MB).



January/February: Review the Worship and Sunday School Resources and choose which to use. Include a Letter of Appeal from the pastor in your church newsletter. Order giving envelopes, collection boxes, and any other needed supplies from shop.umc.org. (If this website gives you trouble, email your resource order to Julia.)


Two Sundays before Lent: Introduce the theme to your youth group or an adult Sunday school class and invite them to prepare a skit for the Sunday before Lent.


Sunday before Lent: Print the Giving From Abundance Calendar and include it as an insert in each bulletin. Have your youth group or adult Sunday school class perform their skit during your worship service (possibly as part of the children’s moment).


Each of the Sundays during Lent: Keep reminding your congregation about Imagine No Malaria by using the shareable graphics and Worship and Sunday School Resources provided in this toolkit.


Palm Sunday: Remind people to bring the money that they’ve collected through the giving calendar for the special offering on Easter Sunday. Include giving envelopes as an insert in the bulletins.


During Holy Week: If your youth group or adult Sunday school class has created a Labyrinth, plan to consecrate use it during worship on Mandy Thursday, Good Friday, or Holy Saturday. Additional prayers and litanies are available for these days in the Worship and Sunday School Resources.


Easter Sunday: Celebrate the risen Christ with a special offering for Imagine No Malaria. (A litany is available for these days in the Worship and Sunday School Resources.) Make sure to briefly explain the program or  show a short video clip for any visitors in your midst. Make giving envelopes available.



April or May: Include a letter of thanks from the pastor in your church newsletter, announcing the total raised by your church during the season of Lent.


To browse all the available files and download the ones you want, just drag the cloud below into its place. (This proves you’re not a robot.) Then, double-click a file to download it. If you have trouble getting what you need, just email Julia.

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