Mother’s Day

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.” – Proverbs 31:28


Celebrate your mother this year with alternative giving that benefits Imagine No Malaria. Malaria is a disease of poverty, and most of the people who die from it are pregnant women and children under five. This should concern mothers everywhere. But the solutions aren’t expensive: a lifesaving course of medication costs $5. A bed net that protects a whole family costs $10. How many lives could you save in honor of your mother, grandmother, godmother, or other woman who has been important in your life?

We have a great set of resources available for your church to use on Mother’s Day. You can download the whole kit by clicking here, or choose which files you want:

If you plan to take a special offering, you can order offering envelopes for free.

You can also download these resources, plus the video, from the folder below. Just drag the cloud above into its spot (this proves you’re not a robot). Folders and files will appear. You can click through them to find what you need. Click once to preview a document. Click twice, or right click and select download, to save it to your computer.

A note on videos: there are three ways to share your videos in church.

  1. Download the videos from the folder above onto a device, then play them directly from that device.
  2. Order a free Imagine No Malaria DVD from— the videos in this toolkit are included on that disk, which you can play during worship.
  3. If you have good internet service in your sanctuary, you can also play the videos directly from this website. The Mother’s Day video is above. Click here for the video about malaria during pregnancy.




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