Pancake Feast

United Methodists love to eat.  And we especially love to eat when it helps us make a difference in the world.

Have a bite to eat, stop a bite that kills!

Planning a pancake feast is an easy way for your church to raise money and awareness about Imagine No Malaria.

  • Start with the Local Church Guide, which contains a detailed checklist for planning this event.
  • Add your event’s details to our Sample Press Release and send it to local newspapers and stations to get the word out.
  • Decorate your venue with colorful placemats and posters!
  • Give your volunteers the resources they need to keep the conversation going with our Volunteer Talking Points.
  • Plan to show a three-minute video or arrange for a short presentation during the event.
  • Use the collection of images below to promote your event on social media or make a display or slideshow for the day of your Pancake Feast.

Just drag the cloud above into its spot (this proves you’re not a robot). Folders and files will appear. You can click through them to find what you need. Click once to preview a document. Click twice, or right click and select download, to save it to your computer.

If you need other materials, contact our Field Coordinator at

Planning a Pancake Feast? Let us know! That way, interested visitors will be able to find a pancake feast near them on our events calendar.

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