Presentation and Sermon Resources

Imagine No Malaria Sermon Resources Here are three sermon starters with scripture and one complete sermon.

Samaritan Woman Sermon. The sermon! It starts addressing the Samaritan women’s experience, and then intelligence and ability to spread interest about Jesus. We then compare her to Muriel, a woman in Africa who received help from INM to save her children, and surprised by the grace she found came back to help INM. Both of these women had life changing experiences and couldn’t keep the word of God to themselves- they spread and shared it. Are you willing to do the same? Share this sermon with your congregation.

Imagine No Malaria Presentation This is the PowerPoint that you can present to a large group to tell them most of what they need to know about what malaria does, what we do, and what they (your church) can do.

The slides are… about the mosquito, Domingo’s story, poverty reinforcement, the church’s history of healing, money and partners, our 4 part strategy, a brainstorm discussion, and information on resources. It’s all set up and the slide notes includes a base for what you can say- it’s all ready to go!

This powerpoint has been used for Laity Workshops but can be shaped to address different needs and time slots. Feel free to email us at and ask for direction.

Salem First Service (Including specific notes for this service, this document also has ideas what to focus on, timing, and hymns).

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