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Grow Resources

Once you have a reasonably well-formed core leadership team, you will be ready to have them begin to do the core work of discerning the congregation’s vision and developing an intentional ministry plan. ‘Grow’ resources are designed to support your leadership team in these processes.

Greenhouse Experience

Greenhouse Experience is a series of three all-day workshops over a six to seven month period. It will be available through your Office of Congregational Development beginning in 2017. Teams should have attended a Seedbed Experience before registering for Greenhouse.

  • greenhouse-768740_640Well-developed leadership teams will read a book together over the course of Greenhouse.
  • They will attend the three all-day workshops together, usually with two or three other leadership teams from nearby congregations.
  • Each workshop will cover a critical part of the vitality process:
    • Session 1: Assessing your congregation and mission context
    • Session 2: Developing and articulating a vision of God’s calling for your congregation
    • Session 3: Expressing the vision in an intentional ministry plan
  • The teams each will develop three intentional action plans (one at each workshop) to be carried out between sessions and evaluated at the next workshop.
  • The Experience will cost about $100 per person plus the cost of travel and the book. (Congregations are encouraged to support their teams.) Lunches, curriculum manuals and coaching are included in the fee.

The goal is for every leadership team to develop the skills and team resilience to lead the congregation into a new chapter of fruitful mission. They will be able to diagnose their missional challenges and nurture effective ministries to address those challenges, and they will be able to support other teams in their cohort

Readiness 360 Assessment (Readiness360.org)

Readiness 360 is a congregational assessment instrument designed by a group of national United Methodist leaders in new church development and congregational vitality. It is designed to assess the readiness of a congregation for renewal or for supporting the planting of a new congregation.

readiness360Local church leadership teams will find it extremely useful as they assess their congregational assets. The congregation members complete an online survey covering four critical capacities:

  • Spiritual intensity
  • Missional alignment
  • Dynamic relationships
  • Cultural openness

The report to the congregation includes very useful recommendations of resources and ministry strategies that can be helpful in increasing the congregational vitality.

We have an annual contract with Readiness 360, which allows us to provide this service at a significantly discounted price. Contact the GNW Office of Congregational Development.

MissionInsite Support (MissionInsite.com)

Demographic information is one very powerful source of information about your mission context. We recommend that every congregational team seeking to increase engagement with its mission context obtain demographic information for their area, and support in interpreting the report.

image003We are able to provide our congregations across the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area with the latest demographic data of appointed communities. This tool is extremely helpful in providing various snapshots and data of neighborhoods, communities and regions, which can support ministry plans, discipleship systems and mission field engagement. MissionInsite empowers faith-based and nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to visualize and cultivate their current and prospective members, donors and volunteers, and solve their most difficult challenges.

For more details on how to register and use this service – paid for by our conferences – please contact The GNW Area Office of Congregational Development or visit one of the following links:

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