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Immigrants in Detention

The Tacoma Northwest Detention Center is the only immigration detention facility in the northwestern United States. It is owned by ICE of the US Government, but it is operated by contract with a private company as a profit-making enterprise. The ICE website for the center includes information on location, visitation, and contacting the management.

Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest (AID NW) provides support for immigrants while in the Northwest Immigration Detention Center in and for detainees as they are released.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is a non-profit organization providing legal resources or immigrants, community education and legal action in favor of just and humane treatment for immigrants.

Locating a person in detention: The Immigration and Customs Enforcement link to help find a person in detention. This page also has links for other information such as status of a case, ICE field offices, and a link to search for an inmate in a regular prison rather than in an immigration detention facility.

Immigration Detention 101 “The United States government maintains the world’s largest immigration detention system.” What does it cost? What is the history that developed this system?  Thanks for this basic overview from Detention Watch Network (DWN).

DWN is also in the forefront of organizing efforts to change this system, envisioning:

  • A world without immigration detention where every individual lives freely.
  • A nation that fosters racial equality, values migration and honors family unity.
  • A judicial system that promotes human rights and the dignity and due process rights of all persons.

The Detention Watch main web site provides abundant information about immigration detention and ways to connect with the efforts to change the current system of detention.

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