AC Update #1: Why a Shared Conference? Register Now, Child care

This year the Pacific Northwest and Oregon-Idaho annual conferences will be meeting in a shared session at the Red Lion on the River – Jantzen Beach in Portland, Oregon. Many are asking why this is happening and if it points to a conference merger or other structural change. While the church and its organization are dynamic and always open to change, the reason for the shared session is more straight forward.

It all started in 2014. As area leaders began planning to host the 2016 General Conference in Portland, Oregon, the team was looking for ways to help prospective volunteers from both conferences get to know the Oregon Convention Center, which would be the site of the General Conference.

That plan faded when no available date could be found on the calendar, but the idea of an opportunity for the Oregon-Idaho and Pacific Northwest Conferences to gather together lived on. Bishop Grant Hagiya, assigned to the Greater Northwest Area at that time, asked the two conferences to move forward with the plan in 2017.


Register Now

Online registration for members and guests is open now at this link:


Information about lodging and meals can be found on the shared conference event website: greaternw.org/ac2017/home/hotel-and-meals/

Tell us if you will need childcare

Nursery care and Children’s Conference (for elementary ages) is being offered for the children of lay and clergy members for $20 per child per dayGuests must make other arrangements. It is the planner’s hope that our child care offering will provide your children an opportunity to make friends, have fun, practice being a disciple and see that they are special members of the gathered body of Christ.

It is important for members to register their children now to allow the planners to make hiring and other decisions based on the numbers and ages of children. Read more and register.


If you can’t find the information you need on the shared conference website:


You may call the OR-ID hotline at 1-800-593-7539 ext. 203 or 503-802-9203 (messages will be checked and returned twice a day Monday-Thursday) or Anna Conklin in the PNW Conference office at 800-755-7710 ext. 303.

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