Blueprint for Wellness Screening at Annual Conference 2017

Healthflex Participants:

This is a reminder that registration is open for the Blueprint for Wellness Screening that will be held at Annual Conference.

The details for registering are below and in this attachment. Keep in mind that since we are having a shared annual conference we will have more people participating in the screening, Quest is sending more examiners but the appointments will fill up.

Pre-registration is strongly recommended for on-site event; walk-ins are very limited. You can register in two ways:

  • Phone: 1-855-623-9355
    Employer group: HealthFlex or United Methodist Church
  • Online: Click Here
    Select “Quest Blueprint for Wellness”

Blueprint for Wellness provides an opportunity to learn about your health, and earn $100 PulseCash* and up to 120 Wellness Points (depending on your screening results) on your path to 150 Points (and $150 more in PulseCash). You’ll also receive personalized data on 30 health factors.

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