Join the River Witness this Saturday at 11:15 a.m.!

A view of the Interstate Bridge over the Colombia River. Photo by Aaron Pazan.

By the Rev. Jenny Phillips | Photo by Aaron Pazan

We will create a river of life alongside the mighty Columbia River this Saturday! At the conclusion of the “Ministry Alive!” experiences, everyone is invited to gather along the banks of the Columbia adjacent to the Red Lion Hotel. We will bear witness to the suffering of God’s creation and to the gifts made manifest through the river and through the hospitality of the hotel staff who nurture all who travel this way.

Gathering at the riverside is a means of experiencing God’s grace anew. “We, as worldly, bodily beings, are in God’s presence,” says theologian Sallie McFague. “We do not have to go to some special place—a church, for instance—or to another world to find God, for God is with us here and now.”

The Rev. Jenny Phillips, PNWUMC’s Minister for Environmental Stewardship and Advocacy, will give a short homily. At the end of the witness, we will unfurl large swaths of blue fabric as we commit to hold fast to hope for a river of life that brings healing to the nations. If you brought fabric, please bring it! If you have blue clothes with you, please wear them! Questions? Contact Jenny Phillips at jphillips@pnwumc.org.

The Rev. Jenny Phillips is intended to serve as Creation Care Program Manager for UMCOR, The General Board of Global Ministries.
Aaron Pazan is a student and attends Portland: Portsmouth Union Church.

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