OR-ID Plenary:…a budget, some votes, and a bear…OH MY!

The Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference Plenary Session adopted a new budget.

By the Rev. Roberta J. Egli | Photos by Patrick Scriven

An adopted budget, legislative votes and a video of a bear brought our final 2017 OR-ID plenary session to a close. Or in other words…a budget, some votes and a bear… OH MY! After a rushed but delicious lunch, Bishop Elaine began our session with a short prayer that the meditation of our hearts and our words would be not be pleasing to God as well as serve God’s purposes.

After the groundwork presentation by Rick Beadnell at an earlier plenary session, the adoption of the 2018 budget went smoothly. In short order, we adopted the total 2018 Conference budget of $7,234,142.00. In addition, we adopted the non-budget program support (previously titled ‘additional askings’) for Campus Ministry, Conference Church Development, Hispanic Ministry Program and the Council on Young People’s Ministry.

We took a number of votes ranging from the ratification of the nomination report so carefully prepared with addendums as well as an Action Request (AR) and two Standing Resolutions (SR). After some respectful holy conferencing, AR-9, which petitioned the Western Jurisdictional Bishops to call for a special session of the Western Jurisdictional Conference, was defeated. We then turned attention to SR-10 titled “We Are a Church for All God’s Children” and SR-11 titled “One Body in Christ: Affirming LGBTQI Clergy”. Each resolution had healthy and respectful debate before the body adopted both of them. After the votes, Bishop Elaine graciously recognized and thanked those who had shared their thoughts against the SR’s and recognized that although we had disagreements “we got to be the church together”.

A Way Forward
I realize that you are waiting patiently to hear about the video of the bear…and it is coming up soon right after the hopeful news from the Commission for a Way Forward from the Rev. Donna Pritchard. Donna shared that the work of the commission has brought a profound experience of Christian community and that the commission is working diligently as well as strategically through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

With one of the multiple trips to the podium, Warren Light recognized that the newly retired the Rev. Tim Stover had received the Francis Asbury award for excellence in Campus Ministry. Congratulations Time! The United Methodist Women’s Gertrude Crane Award was given to Mia Park and Deena Wolfe. This scholarship, funded by a donation of Gertrude Crane, provides scholarships for women in the OR-ID Conference who are pursuing higher education.

But what about the bear?
In their presentation on Safe Sanctuaries, Warren Light and Lydia Henry shared a video which explored the frightening statistics that one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college. Through the three pronged approach of risk reduction, bystander training and primary prevention, working together we create safe places for the vulnerable among us.

And finally, prior to adjourning five minutes ahead of schedule we were invited to beautiful Boise, Idaho on June 14-16, 2018 for our next annual Conference.

The Rev. Roberta J. Egli serves as pastor of Trinity UMC in Eugene, Ore.
Patrick Scriven serves as the director of Communications, Young People’s Ministries for the PNWUMC.


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