PNW: Submit your Resolutions for Annual Conference 2017 by April 15

Petitions/recommendations to be considered at the 2017 Pacific Northwest Annual Conference Session need to be submitted to the PNW Conference Office by April 15. Resolutions submitted by this date will be reviewed by the Director of Connectional Ministries for consideration at a joint gathering of the Connectional Table and the Council on Finance and Administration on May 19. At that meeting, individuals submitting legislation may also be invited to participate. Alternatively, legislation may be directed to a conference board or agency, after consultation with the author, for direct action by that group. Conference staff may also be in contact to assist in clarifying the petitions intent or to offer other forms of assistance.

Resolutions reviewed at the May 19th gathering will arrive at our Annual Conference Session in June on a consent calendar. With the exception of budgetary items that typically fall under Administration Support, resolutions will not be reviewed at Annual Conference 2017 in Focus Sessions due to the limited space available at the venue which is being shared with the Oregon-Idaho Conference.

Click to Submit a Resolution Online

If you need to submit your resolution offline, please contact Anna Conklin (aconklin@pnwumc.org; 206.870.6803) in the Pacific Northwest Conference Office.

Have Questions about Resolutions?

Contact our Executive Director of Connectional Ministries:

Rev. David Valera
800-755-7710 ext 306

Conference Rules Regarding Recommendations, Petitions, and Proposals

The following excerpts from the 2016 PNW Conference rules are provided for you convenience as you consider the work of crafting legislation. Please refer to a print or digital copy of the Journal for more information.

Rule V, Sec. 2. Recommendations, Petitions, and Proposals

(a) Recommendations, petitions, and proposals shall be presented to the Annual Conference in the form of resolutions without “Whereas” clauses. Such resolutions may be accompanied by an explanatory statement which shall not be subject to action by the Conference. They shall be submitted on forms provided online and on paper by the Office of Connectional Ministries.

(b) Any organization, minister or lay member of The United Methodist Church in the Pacific Northwest Conference may petition the Annual Conference by sending a petition to the Conference Director of Connectional Ministries for assignment to Focus Sessions.

(c) Recommendations, proposals, and petitions (including those for changes in the Conference Rules) to be considered at the forthcoming Annual Conference shall be submitted through the Conference Director of Connectional Ministries by April 15th, and shall be included in the Pre-Conference Handbook. Recommendations for proposals and petitions resulting from situations whose late development prevented consideration by April 15th, according to the determination of the Conference Director of Connectional Ministries, may be submitted up to ten days prior to the Conference and, when accepted, shall be distributed in the registration packet. The decision of the Director of Connectional Ministries may be appealed to the Bishop. The Director of Connectional Ministries shall assign the recommendations, proposals, and petitions received to the appropriate Focus Sessions.

(d) In addition to the procedure set forth in Sec. 2(c) above for the consideration of recommendations, proposals, and petitions, the Focus Sessions are empowered to initiate resolutions falling within the general scope of their respective fields.

(e) When the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference passes a petition that asks the Conference Secretary to correspond with members of the Senate or House of Representatives, at a state or national level, or with the Governor of a state or the President of the United States, such petitions must include the full name(s) of the person(s) to whom the correspondence is addressed, along with the full addresses and e-mail addresses.

Rule V, Sec. 5. Joint Sessions of Annual Conference

When an Annual Conference session is to be held jointly with other Annual Conferences, rules concerning the session’s planning, legislative proposals and procedures will be established jointly by a subcommittee of the Rules Committees of the Annual Conference involved, and approved by the separate Annual Conference’s Rules Committees and their Sessions Planning teams.

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