Seeking photos that depict signs of abundant life in local church and ministry settings

During Annual Conference in June we plan to highlight abundant life enhancing ministries taking place in our local church and ministry settings. We are looking for photos! Because we expect to have a large number of submissions, a selection committee will make the final decision on which photos will be used. If you would like to submit a digital photograph please:

  • Ensure that you have a completed and signed photo release form on file in your church for each person in the photo (UMCom has sample releases available on their website)
  • Provide a short written description of the ministry depicted in the photo
  • Provide your name and contact information
  • Send the photo in the largest .jpeg file you have available
  • Send the digital photo with the other information requested to:  photos@greaternw.org

If you have any further questions please email one of the following conference lay leaders: Jan Nelson (jannelson515@msn.com) , Nancy Davis  (ntamdavis@gmail.com), Emilie Kroen (ekroen@yahoo.com) , or David Reinholz (dreinholz@gmail.com) .

All complete submissions received by May 1st will be considered.

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