Shared & PNW Plenaries: Investments, Recognitions, and Special Called Session 2019

(L to R, top row) Bishop Elaine presides over the shared OR-ID and PNW plenary session; the Rev. Elizabeth Schindler opens up on the importance of having a woman as bishop; the Rev. David Valera closes the PNW plenary session in prayer.
(L to R, bottom row) Coyote Marie Hunter-Ripper addresses the shared plenary; Amy Valdez thanks the shared plenary; Megan Kilpatrick and the Rev. Cara Scriven invite the PNW Plenary to Annual Conference 2018.

By the Rev. Shirley DeLarme | Photos by Patrick Scriven

Shared Plenary: Investments, Native Recognition, and Seminary considerations

  • Amy Valdez from the denomination’s Connectional Table, thanked us for being Product, Investor, and Beneficiaries of the Connection.
  • Kristina Gonzalez of CONAM introduced Coyote Marie Hunter-Ripper, Charley Brower, and Priscilla Gardee who shared stories and thoughts to help us with our growing awareness and connection with our Native neighbors.
  • Krista Jenkinson from Wespath let us know how the former General Board of Pensions & Health Benefits is working to manage our investments in a way that honors our fossil free and climate aware priorities, including using influence with shareholders who also use influence with the companies.
  • Jeffrey Kuan, President of Claremont School of Theology, told about the growing student body, including in the hybrid on-line learning program, and the need for the school to examine whether it can maintain its mission in its current location.
  • Shannon Laverin, Senior Manager of Shared Service, GCFA, thanked us for faithful giving to the General Church, at 100% of our apportioned amount, one of 27 churches to do so, a record high.
  • Bishop Elaine appreciated Treasurers Brant Henshaw and Dan Wilson-Fey for their support.
  • Reading of Changed Appointments, mixed with songs and blessings.

PNW Plenary: Special Called Session 2019, Nominations, and Annual Conference 2018

  • Lara Bolger reported for the Clergy Session, about two new policies, one regarding Transfers of Clergy into the Conference, and the other about Clergy Conduct in former and new appointments.
  • Brant Henshaw spoke about the process to be used over the next four years to create awareness around both the coming Special Called Session of General Conference in 2019, the election of delegates for General Conference 2020 in Minneapolis, and for supporting and enabling our 2020 delegation to observe and participate in the periphery of the Special Called Session 2019 so they may be more prepared for their work in 2020.
  • Bruce Galvin was recognized for his advocacy of Clergy wellness, for his 50 million steps achieved, and for his 41 years in service to the Conference.
  • Julie Reinholz presented the final report of the Nominations Committee, with the caveat that more changes until August 1.
  • Shane Moore presented final report of the rules committee as the initial report without changes. All portions of the Rules Report were approved, most of them to reflect current practices rather than initiating any future changes.
  • Jana Kearns moved to suspend the rules so that the body could consider a late petition to the City of Seattle to dumping raw sewage into lakes, streams and rivers that ultimately end up in Puget Sound. The motion to suspend, and the petition both passed.
  • Elizabeth Ingram Schindler took a moment of personal privilege to share her reflection on how meaningful it was for her to witness both the scope of the work of a Bishop as it was named, and for a woman to be installed as a Bishop in this place, at this time, and what it would mean for her daughter to know both a woman pastor and a woman bishop.
  • Bishop Elaine declared that Annual Conference 2018 would be held June 21-24, and we were invited by District Superintendent Cara Scriven and Lay Leader Megan Kilpatrick to meet in Puyallup, WA.
  • David Valera offered a prayer and a blessing, and the meeting was adjourned.

The Rev. Shirley DeLarme serves as pastor of Port Orchard UMC.
Patrick Scriven serves as the director of Communications, Young People’s Ministries.


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