What is the Blueprint for Wellness Screening?

By Bruce Galvin

On Thursday and Friday around 130 participants in the HealthFlex program of both The Oregon-Idaho and Pacific Northwest Conferences completed the Blueprint for Wellness Screening. The screening included height/weight measurements, blood pressure and 28 different test results from the three vials of blood drawn. These five measurements (body mass, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and triglycerides) are then imported when participants take their health risk assessment (HQ) in August or September.

The HQ compiles current information and provides a health quotient score. If there are metabolic syndrome issues that are seen then the participant will be follow-up by nurses from WebMD. The program has been very successful over the last seven years informing participants that unknowingly could have a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

The test results can then be taken to ones primary care physician for their review. The tests are very extensive that normally would not be completed in the local doctor’s office lab.

The cost is free to the participant and they receive $100 in their Virgin Pulse account for completing it.

Many participants have the screening done at local Quest Diagnostic labs. The screening must be completed by the end of July. If one is not able to have the screening completed at annual conference or a local Quest Lab the participant can take the screening form to their local doctor to complete but this could be considered an office visit with a cost attached.

The screening went very well today with an average time for the complete work up of only five minutes! The only inconvenience was the fasting required before the screening.

Bruce Galvin is the Conference Benefits Officer for the PNWUMC.

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