Finance Video and Resource List for Clergy changing or starting a new appointment


A video has been created to help new or transitioning pastors in the Greater NW area to understand some of the information available from the Treasurer’s office at each conference. Topics include insurance coverage, Safe Sanctuary policies, moving reimbursement policies, benefits and charge conference reports. 

A resource list of information and who to contact about different topics mentioned in the video has also been produced. Presenters are Rev. Dan Wilson-Fey, Oregon-Idaho Conference Treasurer/Chief Benefits Officer, and Brant Henshaw, Alaska and Pacific Northwest Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services.

Oregon-Idaho Conference Weblinks & Contacts:

Oregon-Idaho Conference website:

Minimum Insurance Standards issued by the General Council for Oregon-Idaho Conference:

Minimum Insurance Standards adopted by the Annual Board of Trustees for Oregon-Idaho Conference:

Financial Review Guidelines for the Oregon-Idaho Conference:
***Look at the “Annual Audit” section toward the bottom of this webpage.

Moving Policy for Oregon-Idaho Conference:
***Look at “Moving Policy,” “Moving Expense Worksheet,” and “Clergy Moving Expenses: Reporting on W-2” on this webpage.

Benefits for Oregon-Idaho Conference:

Charge Conference Reports:

Abuse Prevention Resource for Oregon-Idaho Conference:   

Abuse Prevention Contact:  Lydia Henry |    

Oregon-Idaho Benefits & Payroll Specialist:  Meg Kau | | 503.802.9224

Oregon-Idaho Conference Treasurer/Chief Benefits Officer: Dan Wilson-Fey | | (503) 802-9222


Alaska Conference website:
Pacific Northwest Conference website:

Financial Review Guidelines for Pacific Northwest Conference:

Benefits for Pacific Northwest Conference:

Safe Sanctuary Policy for Pacific Northwest Conference:

Safe Sanctuary Contact: Teri Tobey | | 206.870.6822

Conference Benefits Officer: Bruce Galvin | | 206.870.6819 

Clergy Benefits Receivables: Cathy Lang | | 206.870.6816

Alaska and Pacific Northwest Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services:
Brant Henshaw | | 206.870.6832

Assistant Treasurer: Rik Jamieson | | 206.870.6818

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