Lay Servant Ministries evolves into area-wide collaboration

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by Emilie Kroen

Conference directors and district coordinators of Lay Servant Ministries (LSM) have joined together to make classes available to laity across both The Greater Northwest and Mountain Sky Episcopal areas. Discussions began during COVID quarantine when it was no longer possible to hold classes in-person and Discipleship Ministries removed all in-person teaching requirements.

With the closure of churches to in-person gatherings and requirements for social distancing, these courses as well as others became available online. While ultimately practical from the standpoint of isolation, it also removed the geographical and conference boundaries for LSM courses. Now a participant from Montana can take a course offered from Oregon-Idaho instructors, and Oregon members can access courses taught from Alaska or Colorado without ever leaving home.

Online Zoom classes are is rapidly opening up more LSM education opportunities throughout this large area as we engage instructors from multiple annual conferences. Throughout the year, participants well be able to register for a variety of courses to enhance their knowledge and grow spiritually. They can also achieve and maintain certification requirements.

One upcoming course is Living Our United Methodist Beliefs, which is open for registration now. Reach out to your specific LSM leaders in your annual conferences to learn about more opportunities.

You can contact Emilie Kroen (Oregon-Idaho),; Kathryn Garnett (PNW),; or David Means (Alaska),

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  1. How ironic. Just a few years ago, active Lay Servants were told our services were no longer needed. How did we find out? We were told that we didn’t need to bother submitting an annual report – it was over, and CLM was the future. So, thanks for that. I’m glad to see it revived, but I doubt I’ll be part of it. Once burnt.

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