New information portal available for clergy and lay pastoral leaders in the GNW


by Linda Grund-Clampit & Laura Jaquith Bartlett

Clergy under appointment and lay persons assigned across the Greater Northwest Area were recently contacted by their district offices and invited to review and update their contact information in our database by accessing that information through their People Portal.

The People Portal is accessed by a link on the bottom of any page of the conference websites by using a username and password unique to each person. Individual log-in information was contained in the email from the district offices.

As much as the People Portal might sound like a science fiction transporter, it is – more mundanely – a way to securely access individual information we have about, and for, persons in relationship with our annual conferences. Most of us are familiar with this kind of online access through our doctor’s offices, where we have an individual log-in to see chart information and appointments. 

In their People Portal clergy and lay assigned will find:

  • Contact information which can be reviewed and updated if needed
  • Education History which can be reviewed, updated, or added to
  • A form for submitting or updating the Greater NW Clergy Profile
  • Current forms which are being requested (these are available if they apply and during the window of time in which we are requesting them)
  • If appointed to a local church, a link to the online portal and forms for that person’s church(es)

People Portal access will be used more frequently for completing requested forms, including a new compensation form process this fall.  The recent email asking clergy and lay pastoral leaders to review and update their contact information is a low-stress way to get familiar with this mode of connection and communication between you and the district and conference offices. If you received that email and haven’t yet followed up, please do so! If you have questions about this, your district office administrator can help!

Although not as a cool as a transporter, we anticipate that using the People Portal for information exchange and completion of forms will make the workflow easier for you, the district offices, and the GNW Cabinet. The People Portal will also become the one-stop spot for you as you look for other forms and information the Annual Conference is requesting from you. Thank you for checking it out and getting familiar with it!

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