Palabra Viviente UMC launches free tax services program

Volunteers of Palabra Viviente UMC offer tax preparation services for lower income community members. Photo by Josh Santos.

By Rev. Cruz Edwin Santos | Photos by Josh Santos

In a bold move to serve their community, Palabra Viviente United Methodist Church in Everett, Washington, has initiated a groundbreaking program offering free tax services in collaboration with VITA IRS. With this initiative, led by their pastor, Jose Pacheco, the church has embarked on a mission to alleviate the financial burden of tax preparation for families earning $65,000 or less annually.

This innovative initiative aims to provide a vital service to the community and foster stronger bonds between the church and its members. By offering free tax services, Palabra Viviente UMC is demonstrating its commitment to supporting the well-being of its congregation and the wider community.

The program kicks off with comprehensive orientations, ensuring that participants understand the process and benefits of utilizing the free tax services provided by VITA IRS. It’s important to note that this program is fully endorsed by the IRS, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in tax preparation.

Starting from February 1st and running until April 27th, the free tax services will be available every Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at Palabra Viviente UMC 1505 112th ST SW in Everett, WA 98204. You need to make an appointment by calling (206) 355-4547. This extended timeframe ensures accessibility for working families and individuals, accommodating various schedules and commitments.

Crucially, every aspect of this program is driven by volunteers, reflecting the church’s deep-rooted spirit of service and generosity. Palabra Viviente UMC recognizes the invaluable contributions of these volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and expertise to support their community.

Pastor Jose Pacheco is available as a point of contact for those interested in participating or seeking more information. Additionally, individuals can visit the IRS website for further details on the VITA program and its benefits.

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) Hispanic/Latinx Ministry office celebrates this inspiring initiative and hopes to see similar programs extended to communities and churches across the region. By partnering with VITA IRS, Palabra Viviente UMC sets a commendable example of how churches can actively serve their communities and foster meaningful connections.

In conclusion, congratulations to Palabra Viviente UMC and Pastor Jose Pacheco for their visionary leadership and commitment to making a positive impact. May this program thrive, uplifting and empowering families in Everett and beyond.

Rev. Cruz Edwin Santos serves as director of Hispanic/Latinx Ministries for the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference.
Photos by Joshua Santos.

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