This week, we added three new sermons to Regional Media Center’s Sermon Library. The latest contributions from IV Team members Rev. Dr. Leroy Barber and Rev. Dr. Jess Bielman touch on always relevant themes of justice and equality, grounded in our scriptural heritage.

For many of our clergy, the study, writing, practice, delivery, and now recording and digital distribution of a sermon each week takes a significant amount of time. We hope that this small but growing sermon library will help local leaders to take a pause, focus on other essential work, or virtually invite a new voice into their pulpit. 

We’d love to receive contributions that meet all, or most, of the following criteria:

  • Topical vs. lectionary or holiday based
  • Generic vs. individual/specific context
  • Original Content – contains no content under copyright (poems, video clips, etc.)
  • Video and audio are both of good quality (720p minimum)
  • Production does not include excessive branding
  • Expertise – sermons bringing a unique and/or informed message

Are you interested in contributing? Contact Patrick Scriven at for more information.

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