United Methodist Women is now United Women in Faith!


In more than 153 years in mission, we’ve had over 25 name changes … Ladies Aid Society, Wesleyan Service Guild, Women’s Society of Christian Service, to name a few.  Now we’ve once again taken on a new name, but God is still calling us as United Women in Faith to continue to discover new ways to put love into action to change the world.

We’ve taken the new name to better reflect how we answer our calling today. We remain women of passion and power, united by God’s love in our mission to support women, children and youth.

The change includes a new logo and an array of new and improved programs to nurture current members and welcome new women to join to put their love in action.

What has NOT changed: 

  • We remain the official women’s organization of the United Methodist Church.  
  • Our legal name is still United Methodist Women; we are “doing business as” United Women in Faith.  Bank accounts remain the same.
  • Our Purpose is unchanged.  
  • Our Vision is always to put our faith, hope, and love into action. 

What has changed:

  • The name and logo.  We have a new logo that features the new name of United Women in Faith next to a Christian cross in muted yellow, blue, orange, and green.  This logo reflects our forward-looking faith and the diversity of our organization and of God’s world.
  • We have a newly created national website:  www.uwfaith.org.  

The Purpose remains the purpose. Our structure remains the same (just with more ways to join in the work). The core of who we are remains the same.We’ve been around for 153 years now—not because we stay the same but because we’re willing to follow God’s call to new places. We are love in action. We are a faith-driven sisterhood ready to change the world. You are a crucial part of a bright future.

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