Dr. Drew Hart offers lecture on racism and the church


In July 2020, Dr. Drew G. I. Hart visited Boise, Idaho, for a carefully planned event amid a global pandemic. A small group of United Methodist leaders in the Sage District led by Rev. Jenny Hirst worked through Dr. Hart’s first book ‘Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism’ in anticipation of his public lecture. 

When initial planning happened in Fall 2019, no one knew how much the world would change by the time Dr. Hart arrived. With racism in America getting widespread and long-overdue attention, it was absolutely serendipitous that this group and event took place when they did. 

‘Trouble I’ve Seen’ is an excellent entry point for churches into conversations about racism within ourselves, our institution, and our theology. By offering Dr. Hart’s face and voice, this lecture brings the text to life and adds urgency to a congregational invitation to self-examination and action.

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