By Ronda Cordill

As we move from 2020 to 2021 making New Year’s Resolutions is more important than ever to maintain good physical, emotional and spiritual health. How about making ‘taking care of yourself’ your New Year’s Resolution this year? Self-care is about intentionally taking care of ourselves, especially in stressful situations, and it includes paying attention to our whole body as well as our mind and spirit.

Do 1 Thing!

Self-care can be very simple. Choose one suggestion from the list below and do it each day for one week. The next week choose another thing and do each day that week. You can continue to do the activity from the first week but focus on the second week’s activity each day. Continue to choose an activity each week for 4 to 6 weeks. After that time, choose your favorite activities and continue to do them as part of your daily routine. These simple activities and should not take much time but you will find it will be time well spent. 

Do one activity below each day for ONE week then repeat with a new activity!
  • Identify something or someone you are grateful for and write it down. Look back at the end of the week and pay attention to the feelings you experience.
  • Check-in or connect with someone each day. Think about who you have not talked to in a while or check on your neighbors. 
  • Move your body every day and get your heart rate up – go for a walk, do yoga or shovel snow!
  • Go outside. Get your coat, hat, and gloves on and walk to the end of your driveway or mailbox or even a bit further around the block. Enjoy the fresh air and the ever-changing nature of winter.
  • Read something inspirational, spiritual, or fun. Need ideas? Ask a friend or your pastor for recommendations.
  • Do something because you want to like a leisure activity you enjoy. 
  • Have some fun! Play a game, watch a funny movie, or plan an adventure with a friend!
  • Laugh at least once a day. A Facebook friend from church posts 1-2 jokes on his timeline for all of us to have a good laugh. 
  • Do something that is uplifting or creative.
  • Do Breathe Prayers. As you are breathing out repeat a short scripture or inspirational thought.
  • Be mindful of a sound or song, a sensory feeling, something to see (outside your window), a spiritual practice, or try a Mindfulness Practice:
    • Sit very still and notice one thing that you can see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.
    • Close your eyes and spend one-minute thinking about the happiest day of your life. Try to remember as much about that day as you can.  
    • Close your eyes and think about how you are feeling. Happy? Sad? Mad? Scared? Excited? Something else? Think about how you know you are feeling this way.
    • Sit quietly and place a small object in your hand. A pencil, a small rock, or something else. Notice how heavy the object is. Think about what it feels like in your hand. Notice one new thing about this object.  
  • Take Mindfulness to the next level and try mediation or yoga.
  • Relax with a cup of herbal tea (non-caffeinated)

I wrote these for myself based on what I know about myself. What other things can you think to add to the list, or might you do different this new year? To your Good Health!

Ronda Cordill is a lay member of Cheney United Methodist Church in Cheney, Washington and The Greater Northwest Abundant Health Ministry.

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