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As you and your ministry setting consider entering into the work of addressing affordable housing, here are resources to consider using, based upon the many factors that comprise solutions to houselessness. – Compiled by Housing God’s Beloved planning team

Anti-Stigmatization Resources

Mental Health Addiction Resources

  • By Perpetuating Substance Use Disorder Stigma, Public Housing Policy Causes Harm | Health Affairs – This article evaluates the Housing and Urban Development Policy regarding people with Substance Abuse Disorders and the way this negatively impacts the community and perpetuates the problem of houselessness. 
  • Myth: Addiction causes homelessness – Pallet Shelter – This article argues against the misunderstanding of the correlation between addiction and houselessness, and urges readers to consider the impact of racism, marginalization, incarceration, and sidelining of mental health services on homelessness.
  • Substance Use & Addiction | The Homeless Hub – This article considers the correlation between homelessness, substance use, and addiction in order to debunk the stigma of homelessness and substance abuse.
  • Homelessness And Addiction – This is another article that considers the correlation between homelessness and substance use to raise awareness and debunk the stigma.
  • Homeless and Housing Resource Center | SAMHSA – This link takes you to a webpage for the Homeless and Housing Resource Center, which was organized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. HHRC provides training on housing and treatment models focused on adults, children, and families who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness and have serious mental illness and/or serious emotional disturbance, substance use disorders, and/or co-occurring disorders.
  • Behavioral Health Services for People Who are Homeless – This is another resource from SAMHSA to address the stigma of the correlation between mental health and homelessness.

Affordable Housing Organizations

Organizations in PNW

  • Seattle Tiny House Villages – This webpage tells the story of the Seattle Tiny House Villages and offers resources for ways to get involved in this project in the Seattle area.
  • About – Seattle Homeless Outreach – This is the website for the Seattle Homeless Outreach, an organization that provides basic survival supplies such as food, water, sleeping bags, tents, clothing, and bus tickets. SHO also provides connections to the homeless through building relationships and connecting people to social services.
  • About – SPOKANE HOMELESS COALITION – The Spokane Homeless Coalition is made up of more than 1300 individuals representing more than 200 agencies, meal sites, churches and ministries in the Greater Spokane area, all committed to serving those in need throughout the community.
  • Low Income Housing Institute – The Low Income Housing Institute develops, owns and operates housing for the benefit of low-income, homeless and formerly homeless people in Washington State and administers a range of supportive service programs to assist those we serve in maintaining stable housing and increasing their self-sufficiency.
  • Community Roots Housing – Community Roots is an affordable housing organization that develops and manages homes across the Seattle area.
  • Pacific Northwest | Enterprise Community Partners – Enterprise is an affordable housing organization that has built homes and early learning centers in several areas across the United States.

Organizations in OR-ID

  • Evergreen Community Partners Affordable Housing Development & Services – Evergreen Community Partners is a nonprofit dedicated to developing affordable housing and supporting affordable housing residents in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Alternative Shelter Network – The Alternative Shelter Network brings together activists, allies and other organizations in the pursuit of best practices and information sharing on the topic of shelter solutions.
  • Agape Village – Agape Village is a transitional organization that offers relief, rehabilitation, and development for those experiencing houselessness in the Portland area. 
  • Beacon Village – Beacon Village builds homes to provide transitional shelter.
  • We Shine – WeShine designs, builds, and operates neighborhood-based micro-villages that provide safe, transitional shelter and services where Portland’s vulnerable, unsheltered adults can live as they prepare to become successful tenants in permanent, affordable housing.
  • The Homelessness Crisis – Boise Homeless Coalition – This is the website for the Boise/Ada County Homeless Coalition. The goal of the coalition is to end homelessness in Boise and Ada County through education, advocacy, and coordinated services.
  • Emerald Village – Emerald Village Eugene (EVE) is an affordable tiny home community developed by SquareOne Villages. It builds upon the success of Opportunity Village Eugene, which is a transitional micro-housing community for otherwise homeless individuals and couples.
  • Effective & Affordable Housing Development – HomeFirst is an organization that partners with public, private, and socially responsible investors to help make sure affordable housing is available and accessible across the Northwest.
  • Safe Rest Villages | – Safe Rest Villages are an improved point of entry for Portlanders on the continuum from living on the streets to finding stability in permanent housing.
  • Good Samaritan Home – The mission of Good Samaritan is to promote equity by providing basic needs such as shelter, food, and safety. This organization works to enhance stability and self-sufficiency for all; including but not limited to seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities.
  • Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity – This is the website for Boise Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller. Today, Habitat for Humanity is a true world leader in addressing the issues of poverty housing.
  • THE STATE OF HOMELESSNESS IN IDAHO – This is a 2021 report from Idaho Housing and Finance. This report was created as an educational tool for service providers, elected officials, community leaders and donors.

Organizations in Alaska

  • Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness – The Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness is a partnership of local agencies and non governmental organizations who serve Juneau’s most vulnerable residents — the homeless and those most affected by limited and high cost housing. These organizations participate in the Continuum of Care by providing emergency, transitional and supportive services to clients and are working together to develop housing solutions.
  • Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness – The Anchorage Coalition has launched a five-year plan to address homelessness in Alaska.
  • Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness – The Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (AKCH2) is Alaska’s homeless and affordable housing advocacy body. AKCH2 carries out the day to day management of the Balance of State Continuum of Care program, oversees the contract for the Alaska Homeless Management Information System (AKHMIS), and hosts an annual housing & homelessness conference each year.
  • Anchorage’s winter shelter plan will rely on hotels, nonprofits and churches this year – Alaska Public Media – This article was published in September 2023 and explains that Anchorage has put forth a plan to partner with hotels, non-profits, and churches to shelter the homeless this winter.

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