Spreadsheet provides copyright information for popular hymnals


Like many pastors, staff and volunteers, Rev. Lisa Connolley was frustrated with how much time she spent figuring out what songs were covered by which license holder for presentation and streaming. In addition to the time it takes to select hymns that one’s congregation might like that also align with the message, finding and securing rights among several hymnals, publishing houses, and license holders is time-consuming, to say the least.

Eventually, Rev. Connelley discovered that Sharon Meeds, supporting the music ministry at Browns Point United Methodist Church, had produced a spreadsheet that would save her and others a lot of time. The two have also been meeting with staff at Disciple Ministries to perfect the work and share it more broadly.

Thanks to Sharon and Browns Point UMC for sharing this work! Updates to this document will be posted on the Pacific Northwest Conferences website when available.

Click here to download the current version of this document.


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