Still in Mission, Episode #25


By Marilyn Sanchez Reid, PNW Conference Mission Secretary

During this pandemic, United Methodist Missionaries have not been able to travel to speak at supporting churches, but they have continued working and serving all over the world. In response to this reality, the General Board of Global Ministries has organized a series of broadcasts that have been occurring almost every Thursday for the past several months. At each broadcast, three to four missionaries share their stories and ministry. The broadcast is called #StillnMission. #StillInMission will continue on into the future and all past broadcasts have been recorded. 

Despite this pandemic, you and your church continue to serve in ministry and mission all around the world through the United Methodist connection. As you work on your 2021 budget, I encourage you to consider supporting a United Methodist missionary through a Covenant Relationship. You would commit a specific amount of money and prayer support. In response, the missionary would commit to providing information about the ministry and prayer support for your church. 

This Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 8 a.m. Pacific Time, two Missionaries relating to the Pacific Northwest Conference — Francine Ilunga Mpanga Mufuk and Jean-Paul Dietrich will be itinerating virtually along with several others. Please use the registration button below to learn more and to register.

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