Clear Appointment Openings

Introduction to the Process

The appointive cabinets of the Greater Northwest Area and the Bishop are continuing the practice of sharing “clear openings,” those church appointments that are open due to retirements and other changes, as the appointment process unfolds.  Below, you will find a list of churches in the Greater Northwest Area that are open for appointment.

circuit-riderClergy are invited to prayerfully discern these openings. If you feel a sense of call to one of these appointments, then contact your District Superintendent to let her/him know that you would like to be part of the consideration of an appointment to a certain church. After you contact your District Superintendent, you are free to contact the District Superintendent of the district where the church is located to talk further about the appointment and submit your name for consideration. The District Superintendent may ask for a short explanation of your reasons for submitting your name and why you believe this particular ministry setting is a good match for your gifts.

Your submission will be handled confidentially with no contact with your current appointment. Submitting your name does not mean you will receive this appointment but it will be added to those who are being considered for the appointment.

Beside the church name, you may see a link for an abbreviated profile describing the ministry context and expressed need for pastoral leadership. Not every clear opening will have one. As the appointments are announced and the appointment process unfolds, new clear openings will be posted.

Current Clear Openings across the Greater Northwest Area

Alaska Conference

Contact: Rev. Carlo Rapanut, Alaska Conference Superintendent, or (907)333-5050.

Oregon-Idaho Conference

Cascadia District

Contact: Rev. Steve Sprecher, Interim Cascadia DS,

  • Mountain Home UMC | Website  (updated 1-9-17)
    ½ time, located between Sherwood and Newberg, Oregon
  • Warrenton UMC  (updated 1-9-17)
    Small stand-alone setting just west of Astoria, Oregon.

Columbia District

Contact: Rev. Erin Martin, Columbia DS,, (503) 802-9228

Crater Lake District

Contact: Rev. John Tucker, Crater Lake DS,, (541) 689-3725

Sage District

Contact: Rev. Gwen Drake, Sage DS,

Pacific Northwest Conference

Inland District

Contact: Rev. Gregg Sealey, Inland DS, or (509) 720-4366.

Puget Sound District

Contact: Rev. Daniel Foster, Puget Sound DS, or (253) 740-1304.

Seattle District

Contact: Rev. Rich Lang, Seattle DS, or (206) 794-8190.

Seven Rivers District

Contact: Rev. Juli Reinholz, Seven Rivers DS,

Tacoma District

Contact: Rev. Cara Scriven, Tacoma DS, or (425) 328-8881.

Vancouver District

Contact: Rev. David Nieda, Vancouver DS,

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