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GNW Circle of Indigenous Ministries

YOU ARE INVITED to participate in the Circle of Indigenous Ministries Truth-Telling Project, which will focus on building relationships, mutual storytelling and more to bring repentance and healing to Indigenous communities often marginalized and traumatized by the Church.

The Circle of Indigenous Ministries supports Native American and Indigenous churches, fellowships, and ministry partners through resourcing, coaching, consultation, and friendship in the Alaska, Oregon-Idaho and Pacific Northwest Conferences

Developing mutual, healing, and life-affirming relationships with Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in and outside the church is part of the GNW Area’s ongoing efforts to heal historic trauma and dismantle racism.

Rev. Dr. Allen Buck, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and elder at Great Spirit United Methodist Church in Portland, serves as its director.

Grow the circle

As a new ministry in the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, the Circle of Indigenous Ministries is grateful for the financial support that comes from grants provided by The Alaska Conference, Oregon-Idaho Conference and Pacific Northwest Conference.

The Circle will only continue to grow bigger in friendship and fellowship with your prayers, gifts and financial resources.

Contributing to The Circle of Indigenous Ministries will allow this to be a sustainable ministry committed to life-affirming and healing relationships with Native American and Indigenous peoples.

The importance of land acknowledgment

As the Circle of Indigenous Ministries grows, so, too, does the list of resources available for local churches and ministry settings to use. Land acknowledgment is one of the first steps in understanding and beginning to heal the historical traumas perpetuated by the church. We hope our land acknowledgment resource page can guide you in your journey of hope, healing and friendship.