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Resources to Promote Innovation and Vitality

If you are an innovator, or interested in church vitality, we think you’ll appreciate these resources provided by our Greater Northwest Area Innovation Vitality Team. We believe that they reflect some of the key practices and competencies necessary to promote fruitful, and faithful, ministry in the 21st century.

Please return to this page from time to time as we’ll add new resources as they are developed. For additional information, contact Program Assistant Patrick Ferguson at

Equipping Leaders for Relational Community Work

Originally held in November of 2020 via Zoom, the three engagements are offered as part of the Western Jurisdiction’s ‘Where Love Lives’ campaign. In the sessions, three practitioners challenge our thinking regarding mission, community engagement, and cultural humility to help us practice our way into beloved community.

Recipe Cards

Please click on the images below to view or download the two-page recipe card resources. A PDF Reader may be required.

Discover Sustainable Engagement

At the intersection of social enterprise and project development comes a new book for innovators. This resource is the result of developing and integrating the work of “creating new places with new people” during 2016 through 2019 development seasons within the Greater Northwest Area.

In the work of starting new places with new people (or cultivating new expressions of ministry within existing congregations), we have to make it a priority to address the vital details of operation and sustainability. This will require an important shift as we face the many challenges and vital issues emerging in America.

What are the natural practices of a VITAL place?

We believe there are three practices present in every vital place or church. These three practices are inclusion, innovation, and multiplication, all encompassed by the mystery of God. Vitality is present when these are woven into practice collaboratively with both our communities of faith and our neighborhoods/wider communities.

Please click on the button below to view or download the two-page resource which helps to define what we mean when we refer to these three practices of vitality. A PDF Reader may be required.