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Electronic giving allows ministry to continue in ‘isolating’ times

Giving to your local church means giving to your local communities. Passing the offering plate in church on Sunday mornings is a physical and symbolic reminder of Jesus’ commitment to ministering to all those around us.

When church attendance is slowed or completely stopped, though, to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, offering online giving is a way to continue to feel connected to your local church and its many ministries.

There are several easy steps churches can implement right now to create an online giving platform.

United Methodist Communications offers these suggested resources for online/electronic giving options.

Here are some examples of church “Donate” or “Give” web pages across the Greater Northwest Area of The UMC:

Stewardship and finance experts from across the Greater Northwest Area recommend churches use direct bank transfers – electronic funds transferring – so that churches experience fewer fees than using a platform based solely on credit card donations. However, they acknowledge that credit card apps are sometimes easier for those who give.

Management of online donations may seem like a daunting new process for churches, but many who have already implemented such changes said churchgoers appreciate the convenience of online giving. Connect with Dan Wilson-Fey in the Oregon-Idaho Conference at or Rik Jamieson for the Alaska or Pacific Northwest Conferences at if you have questions.

This is an opportune moment for the Church, called to serve in God’s world in new ways. After the Coronavirus is long gone, churches will have established a sustainable, flexible way to continue supporting God’s kin-dom.

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