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A Pastoral Letter to the Greater Northwest from the Area Cabinet

Dear Sisters and Brothers of the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area, 

Grace to you and peace from God, our Creator and Christ, our Redeemer. We, the members of the Oregon-Idaho, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska Cabinets, write to you today as one voice, leaders who are adjusting to this time of transition. We speak as those committed to continuing the value of innovation, the formation of disciples for Jesus Christ, multiplication of faith communities, and the deepening of our relationships to God and neighbor in our Northwest context. Vitality, innovation and excellence were high values Bishop Grant Hagiya brought to us through his example, intellect, faith in Jesus, and servant leadership.

During his time with us, Bishop Hagiya regularly handed out permission slips for experimentation and innovation. He believed that transforming the world begins with transforming ourselves. Bishop Hagiya brought us the dream of the Tuell Center for Leadership Excellence, a center for innovative and creative learning. He himself is a life-long learner and inspired us to continue learning and studying. He encouraged us to raise up new leaders and coach one another in furthering the Kin-dom of Christ in the Northwest. He guided all our work through putting God and the mission field first in all of our decisions. He encouraged us in the midst of this hard work to remember to take Sabbath time. We thank God for Bishop Hagiya’s leadership and ask God’s blessing on him and the California-Pacific Conference where he will lead.

We trust that God will also use the grace and gifts of Bishop Elaine Stanovsky to continue the transformative work that Bishop Hagiya has inspired in us. We welcome her and are committed to partner with her as we continue the work of revitalization, transformation, and starting new faith communities. We look forward to her leadership and wisdom. We trust that God will continue guiding us into this new time with the courage to take risks and the continuity of deepening and living our faith in Jesus.

We pray you will join us in this unified spirit as “United Methodists rooted in Jesus, seeking a community where God is sought above ourselves, neighbors serve each other joyfully, and our witness is lived out loud.”

   In Christ we serve,

     The Greater Northwest Area Cabinet


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